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Welcome To Love Ideas

The Italian language is primarily full of phrases that declare intimacy, and anyone can perceive one's love through completely distinct words and sentences such as; Ti Penso Sempre, Cara Mia / Caro Mio ti Voglio Bene, Ti Amo. Italy is, indeed, the best fit for all couples who seek romance, diversity, and of course, a chance to experience a symbolic wedding in Italy.

Who We Are

At Love Ideas Destination Weddings & Events in Italy, we believe that every wedding day must be perfect. Consider it as a melody; wherein every element intersects each other as if they were a set of notes that transports you and your guests to an unforgettable journey. With each tiny detail, your wedding will show you an orchestra with flawless harmony.

Trust that our agency, and me as its founder, will guide you in every step of the way. If you plan to have your wedding in Italy, isn’t it best if you hire only the most exceptional destination wedding planner in Italy? Love Ideas Destination Weddings & Events In Italy will be at your side throughout your stay; from the main event to the reception venue, transfers, excursions, and even tours, with our 20 years experienced tour operator department, if you intend to spend your honeymoon with us.  We guarantee that your honeymoon, Italy is an experience you will never forget.

About me


I am a wife and a mother who runs this agency in full automation.  I speak from experience, as a married woman, on how important a wedding day is. I merged my tourism and business knowledge to create a destination wedding agency that aims to prioritize the success of marriages and our customers’ happiness.

I see to it that I translate my clients’ wishes into actions and make their dream weddings a reality by giving them support, coordinating the event, and organizing their whole stay. Because at Love Ideas Destination Weddings & Events In Italy, we create the perfect love stories.

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We see our purpose as an agency that strikes a client’s emotions and feelings. More than anything, genuine happiness and satisfaction from our clients is more essential for us than just the profit we can gain.
Love Ideas Destination Weddings & Events In Italy was established with the perspective of bringing our clients’ dream weddings to life, and it is our mission to fulfil that purpose.


Our mission is to provide a wedding experience that any of our clients will always remember and look back in their future. We want our customers to have a clear reminiscence of the foods’ flavours, the ambience of the event, the people they celebrated with, and of course, the sincerest emotions they felt during their special day.

With this in mind, I, as the owner, selected a team of highly-qualified people to work on my side and create an international presence. Our location serves as the starting point of our journey to reach the ultimate goal. It is also our mission to build a sequence of exceptional experiences successfully by discovering the right taste, colours, smell, and atmosphere, that can portray the territories of Italy and what they can give you

We can only consider our business as a success if we can lift our clients’ emotions, after all, these emotions are what’s keeping the agency well and still running. We ensure to give our everything to create your perfect; letting all the lights, the scent of a bright atmosphere, and a well-done event to illuminate your smiles.

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